Week One as an Apple OSX user

Been a week since I powered up a Macbook Air for the first time. Having never touched an Apple laptop or PC I was more than a little apprehensive – sure the iPods and iPads are intuitive to use but would the desktop products be the same?

Well so far so good. The boot up and shutdown is impressive, even compared to my Acer laptop, running Windows 7 Pro x64, 4GB RAM and a SSD drive. Installation of software via the App Store is quick and easy, and occurs much like installing an app on an iPad or smartphone. I run a Windows network at work, so one of the key challenges was getting it to play nicely in that environment. Joining to the domain was initially tricky, but once I found the right place to enter the network information (Users & Groups is a strange place to hide Network Account Server!) I was away. One trick for new players – have to enter the FQDN so domainname.local not just domainname to connect. My next ‘learning moment’ was logging on. I rememebered to change the login from ‘List of Users’ to ‘Name and password’ but do you think I could get authenticated! Seems there is a known bug in Lion but for me at least waiting a minute let me authenticate. Oh that and NOT entering the domain name in the login name! I was trying domainname\username but it refused to connect. Tried username alone and BAM! logged in fine.

At this point I was feeling pretty damn happy! I have installed Parallels for Mac as well, and created a Win7 virtual machine. This is to run Windows-only apps for network admin tasks and the performance is really nice. I do have one small gripe though. Apple users are always bagging Microsoft for all the OS updates. First time booting up the Macbook Air, 1.67GB of OS updates! After installing, another 1.1GB of updates! And for the next week I have had updates of some sort each day.. yes some of them are for iMovie and iPhoto but still….

Today is printer and network drive time. Managed to download the Ricoh driver ok, double-click the dmg and installed happily. Went into ‘Print & Scan’, hit the + to add a printer and browsed through the Windows network to install from the Windows print server. Having a less-happy time with the Konica Minolta though, will persevere…

So all in all, happy little Apple convert here. Missing the right-click I have to say, although I am sure I will adjust…

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