I am a 40-year-old IT Manager for Spectrum Care Trust Board, a not-for-profit based in Auckland, New Zealand. I am a full member of the New Zealand Computer Society (NZCS), the professional body of the IT sector in New Zealand and recently I was independently accredited as an Information Technology Certified Professional (ITCP) by them. More information about this certification can be found on the ITCP website.

Technology plays a big part in my life and this is my platform to discuss tech trends, news and geeky goodness. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Information Systems at Massey University and a requirement of my Social Media in Business paper this semester is to create a blog relating to one or two online social networking concepts and/or issues such as an organisation(s) using social media to facilitate communications, build business relationships, and generate new business opportunities so initially the entries will have a bit of an academic flavour to them – please still feel free to comment, discuss or argue with my point of view!

Finally a note that the views and opinions expressed on this blog may not be the views and opinions of my employer!

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  1. camfindlay says:

    Good to have some more geeky IT people doing this paper… hopefully we are not the only ones 🙂

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