Look Ma no hands! (or how to autotweet from PowerPoint)

During the presentation Harmony Turnbull & myself delivered at the recent AGOSCI conference we were able to send tweets automagically whilst we were on stage. Had a couple of people ask how we did that, so at the risk of de-mystifying it, here is what you need to know.

Firstly, the process I followed is detailed here on Tim Elliots website. There are a number of options available to display and interact tweets as well as create them as part of his solution, I am only talking about the AutoTweet part in this post.

The process is actaully quite simple.

Create a free account over on SuperTweet.net – this is the site that will do the grunt work for you. Simply sign in with Twitter, create a secret password and you are done.

Download and install the AutoTweet addin for Microsoft PowerPoint – I run Office 2010 and from experience Tim’s suggestion that the Office 2003 version works best stacks up. Download it here – note there are TWO files in the zip. I used the Office 2003 Autotweet.ppa file for office 2010, found the Office 2007 version (the ppam file) didnt work.

ppt1Next Start PowerPoint and go into File then Options. Cick into Addins and at the bottom where you see Manage, click on PowerPoint Add-ins then click Go

In the new window click on ‘Add New’  and then browse to where you saved your add-in file (downloaded from above), select it and click OK

Back at the manage add-in window click Close

Now in PowerPoint you should see a new Ribbon command called ‘Add-Ins’. Go ahead and click into it.

From there you should see the AutoTweet command. Click on it to open it up for configuration.

autotweetNow fill in the blanks! Start with your twitter handle and then add in the password you created on SuperTweet.Net

Add in a hashtag to appear on all your tweets – all of the good conferences have one.

Tick ‘Display Success Status of Tweets’ if you want to see a confirmation appear briefly on your presenter screen.

Leave the ‘Enable Auto-Tweeting’ OFF (the default) whilst you create and rehearse your presentation, but remember to turn it back on for the big reveal!

Click the OK button to confirm the settings

So, telling it what to actually tweet. Easy part this! In your speaker notes, simply add in the tags [twitter] [/twitter] – any text you put between the tags will be tweeted once the slide is up on screen! How easy is that!

Hit me up if you need some assistance

3 Responses to Look Ma no hands! (or how to autotweet from PowerPoint)

  1. Thank you! Just looked this up and it works well. Can’t wait to use it in my presentation at BETT in London. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Just discovered that SuperTweet is no longer in service. Any idea if there’s anything else that could work to automatically tweet from AutoTweet? Thanks

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