I’m leaving… on a jetplane… I DO know when I will be back though!

Finally. After what seems like months of waiting I am now starting off on the journey to the 2012 Inclusive Learning Technologies (ILT) Conference on the Gold Coast. Flying direct into Coolangatta courtesy of Air New Zealand (or rather their code-share partner Virgin Australia) today so missing the pre-conference fun but will be on-site at Jupiters Casino and Conference Centre for the remaining three days.

So what is this conference all about. From the conference website:

Hosted by Spectronics, the conference focuses specifically on “inclusive learning technologies” – technologies designed to advance independent achievement for people with disabilities and/or students with learning difficulties. It includes sessions looking at these technologies in the following three interest streams.

  • Struggling Students
  • People with Complex Communication Needs
  • People with Disabilities

This has an interest to me as we have already started to roll out iPads to some of our respite houses at work to aid in communication so it will be interesting to see what other applications, both software and hardware, are available on the world stage that we can bring back to little old NZ. This is the first conference that I can recall where I have had to be ruthless about the sessions I attend – more often than not there were several on at the same time I wanted to attend, doesn’t happen very often. Thanks to the free Wi-Fi at Jupiters I am intending to do regular Twitter updates during the day from each session I attend and a daily blog posting here of the days activities and thoughts. If you are on Twitter follow the conference hashtag of #ILT2012 for other attendees tweets as well!

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