Extending the Nokia Lumia 800 battery life

I have been really impressed with Nokia Lumia 800 since I got it, but one thing that started to be an annoyance was the battery life. I would charge it in the evening then find it was down to 20% in the morning. Wifi and Bluetooth are both off, and Microsoft Exchange email is set to push – the same set-up I had with my Samsung Galaxy. I decided to play a little with some settings and the first thing I changed has had the biggest impact. That was turning off ‘Feedback to Microsoft’ – turns out that is constantly running and therefore draining the battery. Turning this one thing off has taken overnight usage from 80% to a measly 10-12%. Here’s how to do it.

From the home screen, slide left to show the menus, then down to Settings

In Settings, go down to the bottom, until you see Feedback

Tap into the Feedback option and slide the indicator to ‘Off’

As much as I like to send feedback to Microsoft to help improve the product, battery life is a lot more important to me.  Nokia has scheduled an update to improve battery life (see image below for release in NZ or to click through to the Nokia site for other countries) but I see my Lumia is already on that release.

Has anyone else got any battery saving tips they can share?

One Response to Extending the Nokia Lumia 800 battery life

  1. I’m the opposite, use all day, charge overnight.

    The phone gets me through fine most days, but this would be a lifesaver on a long, busy day.

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