In this last post in the series on Niall Cooks 4Cs of Enterprise 2.0 we look at ‘Collaboration’. Software platforms in this category are high in formality and high in interaction, with the key technology in here for enterprises being the wiki in my opinion (the other technology being human-based computation). The best-known deployment of a wiki is Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia that is created and maintained by those with a specific interest in one or more sections. This allows for rapid content creation but can also lead to inaccurate or biased information being posted. This is due to the structure Wikipedia employ as opposed to the technology under-pinning it though, as there is no single ‘gate-keeper’ of authenticity.

Niall details in his book the differences between cooperation and collaboration as they are often used in the same sense and interchangeably:

For the enterprise, wikis offer the ability to quickly create and update information stores pertinent to a long term project or objective. This may be as an online helpdesk, where users can see the solutions to issues and contribute to these solutions as they encounter them. Another common function is to create the organisational policies and procedures in a wiki format to allow quick updating as the needs of the business change or as new disruptive technologies are implemented. For those that worry about control over these documents, relax; a lot of enterprise wiki software platforms allow for change approval processes before changes are accepted.

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